2018 Western Conference for Liturgy “Training the Trainers”

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Liturgical formation is rooted in baptismal spirituality. Parish leaders must nurture this spirituality so that all the faithful understand baptism as the source of their liturgical participation and liturgical ministers understand that their ministries express their baptismal spirituality.

This conference will unfold:

  1. Baptismal spirituality: why and how?
  2. Who does what, when, and why? The challenges of establishing a common vision.
  3. The theological foundations of the specific ministries of lector, musician, extraordinary minister of communion and ministers of hospitality;
  4. The spiritualities of these specific ministries.

Those responsible for ministry formation will learn basic elements of theology and spirituality to pass on to those they are training, and to root the practicalities of these ministries in theology and spirituality.

Keynote Speaker: Bernadette Gasslein 
Bern 26 copyBernadette Gasslein is editor of Worship, published by the Benedictine monks of Saint John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota, through Liturgical Press. She holds an S.T.L in Sacred Theology with Specialization in Pastoral Catechetics from l’Institut Catholique de Paris. She is a veteran of liturgical formation at the local and national levels, including a twenty-year stint as the award-winning editor of Celebrate!. She has authored a number of liturgical resources for a popular audience. She lives and works in Edmonton.

Register now: Friday evening of October 26 & Saturday (full day) of October 27, 2018 in the St. Boniface Cathedral Basilica, Winnipeg, Manitoba.