WCL Conference


2013 WCL Conference

The Canadian Western Conference of Liturgy (WCL) and the Diocese of Calgary invite you to a liturgical conference that will provide you with new insights into “Media Art in Liturgy: A Roman Catholic Vision”  The conference was held on October 18 & 19 (see schedule), and hosted at St. Gerard’s Catholic Church (8944 Elbow Dr. SW  Calgary, AB), features Dr. Eileen Crowley, a renowned liturgist and specialist in liturgical media art who is Associate Professor of Liturgy and Worship Arts at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.

Highlights of the Conference:

  • How to integrate media art (especially photography and video) in a way that respects the nature of Catholic liturgy.
  • How to use environmental media art to incorporate beauty in liturgical spaces for school and temporary worship spaces
  • How digital media art might play a role as media of meditation or environmental art in liturgical celebrations other than Mass.
  • How to empower members of your own parish, including children and teens, to create photography and video that might serve as liturgical media art for environment and meditation, as well as for other parish contexts, including websites and faith formation.

A Bit of History:

Starting in the late 1970s, some Protestant churches incorporated media and media art in their preaching-based worship. They used media especially to display lyrics, scripture, prayers, and announcements and to enhance sermons for the purpose of evangelization.  Historically, around the same time some Catholic communities also began using media in worship, but they used it differently–as liturgical art. In the 1960s through the 1980s, some Catholic schools and churches made creative use of slides as media of meditation and as environmental art in worship. Since the 1990s though, growing numbers of Catholic churches have adopted the audio-visual practices used in Protestant preaching-based services. Given the sacramental and liturgical nature of Catholic worship, let us together rethink our use of media art in worship and develop a new model for its appropriate use in Catholic worship, one that respects the dynamics and flow of Catholic liturgy and one that supports our call to all the faithful for their full, conscious, active participation. With the advent of digital photography and video and its accessibility even in smartphones, new possibilities have opened up for bringing beauty into today’s worship settings through today’s media arts.

In Catholic liturgy, liturgical media art:

  • is integral to liturgical prayer.
  • draws people into mystery and invites them to encounter holiness in God and one another.
  • encourages internal and external participation of the assembly.
  • can be created by local people as part of a spiritual practice.


Download Media Art in Worship Resources:   Resources-Western Liturgical Conference 2013


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